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Here is where old time quality and relationship based service unite with modern roofing standards. We've been a professional family and friends owned roofing service company since 1993. Our service area covers Lancaster, York, Berks, Dauphin, Lebanon, Chester counties. Stewartstown, Camp Hill, Hershey, North Wales, and every little town between. 
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"Joyland project team did a great job on this three-day project. From set-up to clean-up everything went smoothly despite the windy but fair weather. We were extremely pleased with both the products used and the installation.." Aprox. cost: $9000
Follow our social trail for information, new products, jobs completed and in progress, or just some tips on caring for your home. It's important that homeowners understand their roof system and know exactly whats up there. We will educate you on the different systems available and only install the highest quality products to build 
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$99 for fall gutter inspection and cleaning
  up to 75 LF. 7 pitch or lower. Within 40 mi.
Don't leave your
gutters unattended! 
Before the leaves fall is the time to inspect, clean, and install leaf guard. Snow and ice can destroy gutters if they are not in solid condition and adding a leaf guard will protect them against clogging and overflow. We inspect, clean, repair, and install gutters.
Only the best components will last as long as the shingles. That's why we install The Ultimate Pipe Flashing instead of basic pipe boots. We've seen too many pipe boots fail after 5-10 years. Why install a 10 year pipe boot on a Lifetime roof?
We’ve been installing roofs since 1993 all over Eastern PA. We serve Lancaster, Lebanon, York, Berks, and Chester counties, Harrisburg, Reading and North Wales areas, Stewartstown and into MD. We are GAF Master Elite, so no worries with warranty coverage or corner cutting. We’re confident about our work and cover it for 10 years. 
Few roofing companies have the experience and training we have when it comes to residential roofing.
We're all about the old time Lancaster quality with modern equipment, products, and safety.
Before buying a new roof- Research is by far the most important step. The more you know the safer you'll be. Check manufacturer sites, Angie's List, and of course trusty Facebook and friends. After choosing several highly rated contractors get free estimates from each one and compare all important details. Sign the contract that will provide the highest quality materials with the best value. Cheapest isn't always best! Finally, we guarantee more than a roof- we promise happiness!

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