2019: Improving to Serve You Better

Joyland Roofing | December 12, 2019  | By: Joyland Roofing

This year we’ve grown in a few different directions. Hopefully if you live in our service area, you’ve seen a few more of our trucks out, or seen our signs in a few more yards. We hope you’ve seen the happy faces of homeowners enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a Joyland roof.

It’s not just growth for growth’s sake. We want every change we make to serve our core goal: providing a stress-free roofing experience for our customers.

That’s how we evaluate every decision – does this improve our ability to provide that stress-free experience? Does this improve our communication, increase our customers’ trust that our work will be done right the first time, or make us more efficient at taking care of issues without disrupting our customers lives.

Here are some of the ways we’ve changed to serve you better this year:

Video Inspections

black GoPro on flat surface

Most homeowners don’t get on their own roofs (we don’t recommend it without the right safety equipment), which puts them in the position of guessing what’s going on up there, or listening to a roofer describe it. This year we started equipping inspectors with Go-Pros to provide free roof inspection videos, so customers can see with their own eyes what the condition of their roof is, and why we recommend what we do.

Solar Roofing

house with solar panels on roof during sunset

We continued to increase our capacity and ability to install DecoTech solar roofing systems in 2019. As solar energy becomes mainstream and consumer demand increases, we see the need for residential solar roofs designed and installed by roofers, so our customers don’t need to compromise the security or looks of their roofs for solar energy.

Independent Certifications

Joyland Roofing steep slope award glass trophy on shelf

One of the ways we work to serve our customers better is through independent training and certifications for our team. That stamp of approval provides peace of mind for our customers that the best in the industry are caring for their roof. It also serves customers around the country by supporting high standards for the roofing industry in general.

In addition to maintaining our GAF Master Elite status, which puts us in the top 3% of roofers nationwide, in 2019 we began certifying our individual crew leaders with the NCRA.

Reduced Lead Time

man white Joyland Roofing truck with window down

It’s not unusual for roofers to be booked out for months, unable to get customers on the schedule quickly. We don’t want that for our customers, so we continue to optimize our production capacity to make sure that the customers who sign with us get their roofs replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Texting with Joyland

phone in someone's hand while scrolling

Lots of people prefer texting to calling, submitting forms, or emailing. So we’ve made it easy to text your questions or appointment requests to Joyland, either by directly messaging our number or through the chat button on our website.

Christmas Lights

Colorful christmas lights around roof on house

Need help hanging your lights this holiday season? We know that for many of our customers, getting on a ladder or climbing on the roof to string lights isn’t the most festive time of the year, so we’re offering help stringing the high lights this year.

2020 And Beyond

We’re going to continue innovating and fine-tuning, always with the goal of improving our customers’ experience by adding convenience and removing stress. We don’t know what technology will exist in years to come, but we know we’ll use it to continue serving our community with old-fashioned customer service.

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