Caleb O’Connell

Caleb O'Connell

Residential Sales

Caleb is the kind of guy who’s down for anything exciting or new. He knows a good bit about a lot of things, but ALOT about a few things like roofing, hunting, fishing, and baseball. He’s spent years working in the residential roofing industry, and had a stint of a couple years building decks, porches, and patios as well. His knowledge of general construction and how a house is put together really comes in handy when he gets into interesting and unusual roof scenarios.
At Joyland, he’s been a crew worker, a roofing crew foreman, a repair technician (gotta be really good at problem solving and identifying hidden roof issues for this), and is now putting all that field experience to work as a Residential sales and project management.
Caleb is someone who takes relationships very seriously. He invests in family and friend relationships, and his care for the people he meets comes through in his actions and words. You’ll find him to be a trusting and trustworthy person, ready to give a compliment and a helping hand. 

    Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor License (HIC) # PA124258