Roofing Safety

How We Stay Safe While Roofing

Roofer installing roofing while wearing a harness

Roofing is dangerous work. Here are a few ways we stay safe while working on your roof.

Job site safety matters to us because no one should get injured as a result of negligence.

High workers’ compensation rates result from unsafe practices and injuries. Adhering to safety protocols help us avoid on-site injuries and damage, which keeps our internal costs and prices as low as possible.

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Individual clipping on a harness

What we do to keep you and your property safe/undamaged.

  1. We train each and every roofer on safe operating procedures and on how to protect our client’s property.
  2. We hold weekly safety meetings.
  3. Our detailed end-of-job checklist ensures that cleanup is done thoroughly. We sweep the entire yard, driveway, walkways, and flower beds with a magnetic nail-sweep keeping feet, pets, and vehicle tires safe.

How these safety measures make us different from other roofers.

Although all roofing contractors are required to wear safety harnesses and use fall-arrest systems, most don’t. Since all of our roofers receive safety training, they know their boundaries and watch out for property and people below them while working.

Safety is a priority for us.

Machines in front of house and roofers on roof

How does this all Benefit you?

An accident on your job site could cost you money. Homeowners have been sued by roofing contractors who did not follow OSHA guidelines and had a worksite accident, because the homeowner didn’t provide a safe enough workspace.

OSHA is beginning to regulate the residential roofing market more carefully too.

OSHA has the power to deliver hefty fines and will shut-down non-compliant companies. An OSHA officer has the right to film a roofing crew from a distance and shut it down for safety violations. Fines can be up to $95,000 per occurrence.

Many roofing contractors cannot pay these fines and go out of business, leaving their customers hanging with unexpected costs and an unfinished project.

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When you hire us you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’re a safe, OSHA-compliant roofer. The possibility of a job site accident always exists, but with our safety practices, risks are minimized.

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