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joyland roofing inspected roof with missing shingles from wind damage with the caption "how to spot a storm chaser: what to look for to make sure you don't get scammed"

How to Spot a Roof Storm Chaser: 6 Identifiers to Avoid Scams

An extreme weather event rolls through your area – hail, rain, wind, snow. You, along with your neighbors, notice storm damage to your roof! Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to file an insurance claim for the damages. It’s possible that your roof can be fixed with smaller repairs, but […]

brand new shingled roof with 4 skylights completed by joyland roofing with the caption "what you should know before installing skylights: 8 topics discussed"

8 Things to Know Before Installing Skylights

Skylights get a bad rap for being leak-prone. This is due to poor installation techniques by unqualified roofers. A skylight properly installed will last for 20+ years without a problem! The key is to make sure it’s the right kind for the roof pitch because a steep-slope skylight cannot be installed on a low-slope roof. […]

joyland roofing designer shingle reroof project with the caption "what to look for in a roof when buying a home: interior and exterior areas to inspect"

What to Look for in the Roof When Buying a Home: 6 Elements to Inspect

Congratulations! You’re looking at buying a home. Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or you’ve done this a few times, it’s important to ensure the house is in excellent and safe condition. If it’s not, the areas that need attention should be addressed with the current homeowner before making your purchase.  Replacing your roof or […]

deteriorating rubber roof joyland roofing inspected with the caption "what happens if you don't repair a roof leak? 3 reasons to not put off repairs"

What Happens If You Don’t Repair A Roof Leak?

How do I know if I have a roof leak? You might have water actively dripping from a ceiling or wall inside your home. Or, you notice a water spot in your ceiling that wasn’t there before. What does that mean for you?  Water coming into your home is obvious – there is a water […]

Joyland Roofing roofer cleans area and applies new form flash to stop leak on a rubber roof with the caption "how to repair skylight curb leak on flat rubber roof: video and transcript"

DIY How to Repair Skylight Curb Leak on Flat Rubber Roof

This commercial building in Elizabethtown, PA, has a flat EPDM rubber roof. Overall, it’s in great condition. However, the occupant is experiencing water penetration near this skylight. The source of the leak was discovered: there is a hole in the curb of the skylight’s deck. Joyland Roofing Operation’s Manager, Kevin O’Connell, takes you through the […]