Ways You Can Finance Your New Roof

Ways You Can Finance Your New Roof

November 29, 2021  | By: John Esh

It may feel overwhelming to pay for a roofing project, especially when you consider the entire cost. However, there are a number of financing options out there that can help you make roof repairs more affordable. In this article, we’ll discuss five of the most readily available avenues of

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joyland roofing inspector frankie lesher walking on shingled roof with the caption "can i walk on my shingled roof? will walking your roof cause problems? best practices to do it safely and minimize damage"

Does Walking On Your Shingled Roof Damage It?

November 22, 2021  | By: John Esh

Yes, it can. The likelihood and level of severity depends on the time of year. Shingles are hardy and are made to withstand an occasional walk. However, if it’s hot outside, say 80 degrees, and there’s direct sunlight on the roof, the asphalt base of the shingle will soften. Walking over

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When Should You Replace Your Roof?

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

November 15, 2021  | By: John Esh

Knowing when to replace your roof depends on a variety of factors, including the kind of roof you have, how well it’s maintained, your climate and whether there is unfixed damage. In this guide, we’ll cover the average roof replacement time for different roofing materials and help you

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Why Roofing? How to Become a Tradesman

November 8, 2021  | By: John Esh

Here at Joyland Roofing, we believe that work should have meaning. It should be more than punching a time clock and waiting for the weekend – it should make the world a better place and bettering yourself. The search for a meaningful occupation has led people do to a lot of great things, and

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3 of joyland roofing crew members removing an old skylight and preparing to install a new skylight with the caption "how has covid-19 affected the roofing industry? 3 main impacts"

How has COVID-19 affected the roofing industry? 3 Main Impacts

October 22, 2021  | By: John Esh

We didn’t know what 2020 had in store for us. Then 2020 bled into 2021 and here we are, just over 2 months away from 2022, and the effects of this crisis are still far reaching.  Roofing is an essential “life sustaining” business. To stay open and operate safely, we adjusted our process. 

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k-style gutter installed by joyland roofing with the caption "when do i know it's time to replace my gutters? physical signs of aging & replacement options"

When Do I Know It’s Time to Replace My Gutters?

October 13, 2021  | By: John Esh

Gutters catch the water running off the roof and direct the water toward the downspout to drain it away from critical structural areas. Gutters are an integral part of a roofing system and should be kept clear of debris for peak performance.  Many people don’t often think about their gutters if

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roof with dark streaks and the caption "What are the dark streaks on my roof? all about roof algae and how it impacts your roof"

What Are The Dark Streaks On My Roof? All About Algae

October 4, 2021  | By: John Esh

Dark streaks on your roof are unattractive and cause your shingles to look aged and stained. These dark areas are usually not caused by dirt and grime – they are actually algae growth.  This algae is called “gloeocapsa magma,” also known as blue-green algae. It appears black because it

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Flat roofing: tpo or epdm? which material is best for your roof

Flat Roofing: TPO or EPDM? Which Material is Best for Your Roof

September 24, 2021  | By: John Esh

When going to replace your flat roof, you often choose the same material that was on it. However, you should consider alternatives based on longevity, cost, and the local climate. While shingles come in multiple colors and styles, low-sloped roofs don’t have as many options. Single-ply membranes

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joyland roofing inspector scaling ladder to get on a roof with the caption "should I replace the roof before selling my home? whether reroofing is worth the hassle before you move"

Should I Replace My Roof Before Selling My Home? – Resell Value

September 2, 2021  | By: John Esh

Preparing your house for the market often involves making strides to get the most value for your home. From calculating your previous investments to determining elements that need repaired, it can be overwhelming. When it comes to your roof, there are often multiple factors that could lead to you

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a joyland roofing crew member installing shingles with the caption "what should a roofing estimate include? 10 items to confirm that they are in the scope of the replacement project"

What Should A Roofing Estimate Include? 10 Essential Items

August 20, 2021  | By: John Esh

As you’re looking to replace your roof, it’s vital to receive multiple estimates. Do your research to narrow down which companies you want to obtain estimates from!  Make sure to plan ahead! The process of obtaining a finalized quote could take up to 2 weeks depending on the time of year and

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