How to Prepare Your Hershey Roof for Winter

How to Prepare Your Hershey Roof for Winter

How to Prepare Your Hershey Roof for Winter

September 18, 2023  | By: joylandroofing

The excitement of the holiday season is right around the corner. As you plan to celebrate with friends and family this winter, keeping your roof’s condition in mind is essential.  Your roof plays a vital role in keeping your family warm, safe and well-prepared for the holidays. To ensure

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Roofer working on installation

Do I Need A Permit For A Roof Replacement or Roof Repairs?

June 25, 2021  | By: joylandroofing

Permits were created to ensure building codes for installation, waste, and safety are followed. This protects you, your home, the workers, and any passersby! Most larger home projects require a permit! Because there are standards in place for construction plans, it’s especially important that you

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Attic with a pitched roof

All About Attic Ventilation: Why Your Home Needs Appropriate Roof Venting

June 18, 2021  | By: joylandroofing

You want a beautiful roof with quality shingles in a color that matches your home, neat detail work, and straight, clean lines. We can do that. However, what’s going on underneath your roof, in the attic space, is just as important. The movement and temperature of air under your roof can affect

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Gray Asphalt Roof

How to Spot a Roof Storm Chaser: 6 Identifiers to Avoid Scams

May 21, 2021  | By: joylandroofing

An extreme weather event rolls through your area – hail, rain, wind, snow. You, along with your neighbors, notice storm damage to your roof! Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to file an insurance claim for the damages. It’s possible that your roof can be fixed with

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Skylights in a blue roof

8 Things to Know Before Installing Skylights

April 23, 2021  | By: joylandroofing

Skylights get a bad rap for being leak-prone. This is due to poor installation techniques by unqualified roofers. A skylight properly installed will last for 20+ years without a problem! The key is to make sure it’s the right kind for the roof pitch because a steep-slope skylight cannot be

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Blue-Gray Asphalt Shingling

What to Look for in the Roof When Buying a Home: 6 Elements to Inspect

April 16, 2021  | By: joylandroofing

Congratulations! You’re looking at buying a home. Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or you’ve done this a few times, it’s important to ensure the house is in excellent and safe condition. If it’s not, the areas that need attention should be addressed with the current homeowner before

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Old roof in need of repair

What Happens If You Don’t Repair A Roof Leak?

April 9, 2021  | By: joylandroofing

How do I know if I have a roof leak? You might have water actively dripping from a ceiling or wall inside your home. Or, you notice a water spot in your ceiling that wasn’t there before. What does that mean for you?  Water coming into your home is obvious – there is a water

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Stone home with brown shingles

Is Your Roof About to Expire? A Checklist for Identifying Old Roofing

March 16, 2021  | By: joylandroofing

  If your roof is getting up there in age, you might be wondering if it’s the right time to invest in a replacement. Getting a new roof will improve your home’s efficiency and curb appeal, but keeping the old one will give you a few more years to save up the money.  Though the

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