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Joyland Roofing roofer cleans area and applies new form flash to stop leak on a rubber roof with the caption "how to repair skylight curb leak on flat rubber roof: video and transcript"

DIY How to Repair Skylight Curb Leak on Flat Rubber Roof

This commercial building in Elizabethtown, PA, has a flat EPDM rubber roof. Overall, it’s in great condition. However, the occupant is experiencing water penetration near this skylight. The source of the leak was discovered: there is a hole in the curb of the skylight’s deck. Joyland Roofing Operation’s Manager, Kevin O’Connell, takes you through the […]

chimney with black flashing on a shingled roof with the caption "DIY how to recaulk your chimney flashing: video & transcript"

DIY How to Recaulk Chimney Flashing

Chimneys are a beautiful asset to a home or business! Most internal fireplaces require some type of ventilation and most often, chimneys are that ventilation.  How Do Chimneys Age? The mortar, a cementitious material, secures the bricks in place and lasts about 25 years. Its lifespan can be more or less depending on the degree […]

a measure tape showing the diameter of a pipe and a deteriorating pipe boot with the caption "DIY how to replace your pipe boot: video & transcript walking through step by step"

DIY How to Replace a Pipe Boot on an Asphalt Shingle Roof

One of the most common roofing features that can be the source of your roof leaking is the pipe boot. This rubber material is placed around the PVC pipe that vents your plumbing and can also be referred to as vent pipe flashing. The rubber boot is secured around the pipe to make it waterproof […]