Case Study: Custom Hummelstown Roof

Case Study: Custom Hummelstown Roof

October 28, 2023  | By: John Esh

Introduction Relocating to Pennsylvania, Sara was familiar with roofing services due to her past multiple roof replacement experiences in Colorado. As she prepared to move into her new home with distinct architectural features, she needed a roofing company that could handle the complexity with

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Case Study: Mechanicsburg Roof

October 25, 2023  | By: John Esh

Introduction In Mechanicsburg, PA, homeowners Jim and Luanne faced the reality of their aging roof. This case study explores their experience with Joyland Roofing, detailing the seamless process from the initial quote to the personalized scheduling and the installation of a comprehensive roofing

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Case Study: Leaky Roof in Conestoga PA

October 18, 2023  | By: John Esh

Introduction David and Kay, a couple from Conestoga PA, embarked on a multi-year journey with Joyland Roofing, culminating in a comprehensive roof replacement and an array of additional services. This case study delves into their experiences and the quality of work they received. Be sure to watch

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Modern stone and wood home with flat roof

Tips for Maintaining Your Flat Roof

August 19, 2023  | By: John Esh

Flat roofs are popular because they can be easier to maintain than pitched roofs and don’t interrupt the skyline. But the materials they’re made of and their tendency to collect debris and water mean they require more maintenance than pitched roofs.  You can keep your flat roof healthy and

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Closeup shot of a gray metal roof

Your Metal Roof Maintenance Guide

August 16, 2023  | By: John Esh

Metal roofing is known for its durability, sustainability, and long life. A metal roof is typically long-lasting, difficult to damage, and nearly maintenance free. However, that doesn’t mean a metal roof is indestructible. Like any roofing system, your metal roof will benefit from regular

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black rubber EPDM roof installed on flat roof in lancaster pa by joyland roofing

Your Guide to Flat Roof Snow Removal

August 12, 2023  | By: John Esh

When winter hits, snow and ice can accumulate on your roof which can sometimes lead to serious problems. On flat roofs, the weight of the snow can become an issue, and can even damage the roof, causing water leaks and structural damage. Therefore, it’s important to remove the ice and snow from

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Skylight with a cloud

Skylights or Sun Tunnels: Which is Best For You?

August 4, 2023  | By: John Esh

Adding natural lighting to your home has so many benefits. Natural light can lower your energy bill, make a room feel larger, provide an outstanding view of the night sky, and deliver sunlight that elevates your mood in the cold winter months. Skylights and sun tunnels are two options for adding

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white aluminum k style gutter

Gutter Drainage Tips for Your House

August 1, 2023  | By: John Esh

Why Are Gutters so Important to Your Home? Gutters control the flow of water off your roof and away from your house. A proper system protects your home and saves you from expensive repairs from flooding, washouts, yard damage, roof, and foundation damage.  When water isn’t properly drained off

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Red metal roof

How Long Should a Metal Roof Last?

June 21, 2023  | By: John Esh

Metal roofing has entered the mainstream and is an excellent choice for pretty much any home. But we have observed a lot of confusion and doubts regarding metal roofs. This article will help you understand the longevity and advantages of metal roofing, as well as the disadvantages.  We hope to

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standing seam metal roof

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

May 20, 2023  | By: John Esh

“Should I have my roof checked?” This is a question that comes to most people’s minds only when there’s information about an oncoming storm or tornado. Considering the vital role a roof plays, it’s not given as much attention as it deserves until it’s almost too late. 

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