What Type of Roof Do I Have?

what type of roof do I have?

What Type of Roof Do I Have?

February 17, 2021  | By: Joyland Roofing

No matter what kind of roof your home or business has, it’s important to understand your roof and how to watch for warning signs. As you start thinking about your roof, it’s best to start with the basics. Once you know what type of roof your house has, you can begin to keep an eye

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Filing roof damage insurance claim- tips and steps for claim approval

A Guide to Roofing Insurance Claims & Storm Damage

December 11, 2020  | By: Joyland Roofing

We all hope that our roof is never damaged by a storm or accident. But unfortunately, it’s something every homeowner should be prepared for. A homeowner’s insurance policy that covers your roof brings peace of mind and valuable protection. However, if your roof is damaged and you have to file a

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How to clean your gutters- what you can do to clean gutters of debris and keep them clean longterm

Step-by-Step How to Clean Your Gutters & Tips to Keep Them Clean

December 4, 2020  | By: John Esh

Clearing your gutters of debris and built up grime is an important part of home maintenance. If ignored, filled gutters can cause water damage and lead to expensive repairs or even complete gutter replacements in the future. We would recommend cleaning your gutters twice a year – once in the

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Shingle Roof Maintenance Checklist- what to look for

11-Item Checklist for Maintaining Your Shingle Roof

November 27, 2020  | By: John Esh

A roof replacement is a long-term investment many business owners or homeowners, like you, must make. When replacing a sloped roof, asphalt shingles is the most popular roofing material. Even though architectural asphalt shingles can last between 35-50 years, it’s often before the 35-year

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tips to find a hire the best roofing contractor- what to look for and ask about

8 Tips to Find (& Hire) the Best Roofing Contractor

October 7, 2020  | By: John Esh

It’s finally that time – you’re now on the market for a roofing contractor to replace your home’s or business’s roof. Maybe you just need your roof repaired and are trying to find someone to fix the issues. Both circumstances require an investment of time and money, so you want to

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Can I install a shingle roof in the winter? Yes or no- and why?

Ask a Roofer: Can you Install a Roof in the Winter?

September 25, 2020  | By: Joyland Roofing

Don’t allow the misconceptions of installing a roof in the winter deter you from pursuing your reroofing project. John Esh, President at Joyland Roofing, answers a common question: is it ok to shingle a roof in cold weather?   [Transcript] A question we get asked during the winter months

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GoPro on top of a flat surface

Why Video Roof Inspections?

February 25, 2020  | By: Joyland Roofing

Changing the Game Residential roofing estimates have generally worked the same way for a long time. You call a company, they send a salesman out to tell you how much it’ll cost for a new roof. If you’ve found a good company, the salesman gets on the roof and does a thorough inspection,

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Man standing in front of Joyland Roofing sign

Ask A Roofer: All the Videos

January 16, 2020  | By: Joyland Roofing

Last winter we created a series of videos answering the questions we hear the most. John brought years of experience with roofs and roofing customers to these videos, and they’re still a wealth of knowledge about roofs and roofing. Here they are, collected in one place:      

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metal roof with snow guards

Is Metal Roofing Right For Me?

March 8, 2018  | By: Joyland Roofing

Considering putting a metal roof on your home, barn, or business? Shingle roofs are still the most popular choice for sloped roofs, but we’re getting more and more questions about metal. It’s growing in popularity, and it’s definitely an excellent choice for many homes. If

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Pipes on a roof

The Most Vulnerable Parts of Your Roof – Commercial

September 15, 2017  | By: Joyland Roofing

If you own or manage a commercial building, you know how important roof maintenance is. Roof damage or failure can cost your business a HUGE chunk of change. A major problem with your roof can cost more than just the price of repair – it can damage your equipment, inventory, and be dangerous

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