4 Roofing Trends to Continue in 2022

Residential | January 7, 2022  | By: John Esh

The past two years have been challenging for so many business in various industries. What business predicted may have played out was likely far from reality.

People spent more time at home. For a number of people, the extra savings typically used for vacations or extracurricular was repurposed for home projects. Many used this time at home to invest in home projects that tend to have a higher price tag, like the roof.

Not all homeowners are sticking to the status quo; here, we’ll discuss roofing trends that will continue to prove themselves in 2022.

metal roof coordinated colors like an american flag with the caption "roofing trends continuing in 2022"

Metal Roofing

As an alternative to asphalt shingles, metal roofing has become one of the most desired roofing materials.

This increase in demand started a few years ago, but has and will continue to be popular.

Most people are attracted to the benefits of metal:

standing seam metal roof

  • Longevity: Metal roofs last longer than asphalt shingles! On average, if maintained properly, metal roofs should last over 40 years.
  • Sustainability: Since you have to replace a shingle or rubber roof more often, more waste is produced. Whenever you need to replace your metal roof, the material can be recycled. Most of the materials used in a metal roofing system are either recycled or natural. 
  • Energy savings: Metal roofs are reflective which can cut down your cooling costs.
  • Color and aesthetics: Metal roofing panels come in a wide variety of colors and styles. The curb appeal of a metal roof is often an attraction for home-buyers, and a value-increasing investment.


Sustainable Roofing

With growing concerns of climate change, many consumers are looking for sustainable alternatives in all possible aspects. 

GAF decotech solar panels installed on this residential home by joyland roofing

One option is to install solar panels! The solar addition to your roof can help offset your energy costs. A federal tax credit is offered to those who opt to use the sun’s renewable energy with solar panels or, soon to be available, solar shingles.

Joyland Roofing can install GAF DecoTech’s system which is roof integrated rather than roof mounted. Coming soon to the solar industry are solar shingles, GAF introducing Timberline Solar to the market. 


Building and construction waste makes up a large chunk of landfill waste. Because of this, recycling of roofing materials continues to be a topic of interest.

Recycling asphalt roof shingles to be used in road construction has been played with over the past 10 years, but with limited success. However, there are shingle manufacturers such as GAF which are beginning to invest seriously into establishing viable, cost-effective waste recycling solutions for the roofing industry.

We anticipate that research and development will continue in 2022 as companies take a serious look at the waste problem in the construction industry.


charcoal shingle and metal roof installed on this new construction home by joyland roofing

Contrasting Colors

Using this contrast of colors between the roof and siding or brick adds an element of vibrance to your home. Matching colors could provide a minimalist look, but many homeowners now want that contrast to differentiate the home’s exterior details. 

This roof contrast can be done in coordination with the siding, shutters, window trim, and door.


Accent Roofcorrugated metal porch roof installed by joyland roofing

Similar reasoning to contrasted colors, homeowners want something to attract your attention. Using a different material on separate planes of roof can make your home pop.

An accent roof can be achieved by adding metal to a porch roof or a dormer to a house with shingles on the majority of it. You can see an example of a corrugated metal porch roof that Joyland Roofing installed!


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