Why Roofing?

Our Values | April 30, 2018

two Joyland roofing employees on a slanted roof installing roofing system

Here at Joyland, we believe that work should have meaning. It should be more than punching a time clock and waiting for the weekend – it should make the world a better place and make us better people. The search for an occupation with meaning has led people do to a lot of great things, and it’s led us to be roofers. That might seem a little strange.

Roofing is full of long days, grueling labor, and heavy responsibility. It’s not on anybody’s list of trendy occupations. So why roofing? Why do we do what we do?


Basic Human Needs

At the most basic level, people need two things to survive: food and shelter.

We get to provide one of those things.

The roofing industry takes recycled asphalt material and turns it into a shelter that’s waterproof, fireproof, and resilient. We turn basic materials into something that protects people.

Most people don’t think about their roofs that much, and we think that’s a good thing. You shouldn’t have to. You should be able to focus on what’s inside your home – your family, your life, and the things you love.

We get to protect that basic human need – shelter – so that people can live their best lives without worrying that they and their families will be exposed to the elements.


The World Needs Better Roofers

Even though roofing is so vital, we think roofing has a ways to grow as an industry, and we want to be part of that change.

According to the Better Business Bureau, roofing companies are consistently one of the most complained-about service providers, year after year. We hear story after story about high-pressure sales, shoddy workmanship, and poor customer service from other roofing companies.

We want to make a difference in the roofing industry by prioritizing truly caring for people over making a quick dollar. The fact that it’s a field we can truly make a difference in is one of the things that draws us to it.

Roofing is also dangerous. Last year, it was the fourth most dangerous job in the US. That seems like the opposite of a reason to work in roofing, but it’s another area where we believe that better roofing companies can make a difference.

We’re committed to OSHA compliance, and more than that, we’re committed to making safety a way of life, not just a checklist. We believe that the lives and health of our workers is worth more than getting a job done a little more quickly.

In safety and in customer service, we believe in going the extra mile. If we’re honest, it’s always easier to cut corners. So we believe in doing things the hard way. Because the world is full of roofers who cut corners.

The world needs good roofers. That’s why we do what we do.