Case Study: Leaky Roof in Conestoga PA

Case Studies | October 18, 2023  | By: John Esh


David and Kay, a couple from Conestoga PA, embarked on a multi-year journey with Joyland Roofing, culminating in a comprehensive roof replacement and an array of additional services. This case study delves into their experiences and the quality of work they received. Be sure to watch the video below to hear from David and Kay and see the dedication to customer service and craftsmanship the Joyland team delivered.

Client Overview

  • Names: David and Kay
  • Location: Conestoga, PA
  • Initial Contact: 2018, due to a roof leak

Problem Statement

Since their initial contact in 2018, David and Kay faced multiple roofing issues:

  1. 2018: Initial roof leak
  2. 2019: Porch roof leak
  3. 2023: Third leak leading to a recommendation for a full roof replacement

Solution: Comprehensive Roofing and Additional Services

Joyland Roofing not only addressed the leaks but also provided David and Kay with a holistic roofing system solution:

  1. Roof Replacement: Installation of a GAF Timberline HDZ Roof System with a System Plus Warranty, ensuring lifetime material and replacement labor coverage.
  2. Skylight Installation: New Velux skylights were fitted.
  3. Chimney Modification: A cricket, also known as a saddle, was installed behind the chimney to divert water away from the flashing. A cricket is a ridge structure installed on a rooftop to divert water around the highest side of chimneys or the transition area from one rooftop area to another.
  4. Plywood Replacement: Some sections of rotten plywood decking, due to age and leaks, was replaced.
  5. Window Services: New window shutters were installed.
  6. Gutter Maintenance: Gutters on their barn were cleaned and equipped with gutter guards.


Client Feedback

David and Kay praised the Joyland Roofing team for their knowledge, experience, and professional demeanor. The meticulous final inspection by Kurt, along with his detailed punch list, cemented their trust in the quality of Joyland Roofing’s work. In their words, the entire process was a “hassle-free experience”.


From addressing intermittent leaks to executing a full roof overhaul, Joyland Roofing has consistently demonstrated their commitment to quality and client satisfaction in their work with David and Kay.


“Our journey with Joyland Roofing from addressing initial leaks to a full roof replacement has been seamless. Their team’s expertise, especially Kurt’s thorough inspection, gave us peace of mind. We wholeheartedly recommend Joyland Roofing for anyone seeking top-notch roofing solutions.”
– David and Kay

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