Ask A Roofer: How Long Does it Take to Install a New Roof?

Ask a Roofer | September 25, 2020  | By: John Esh

Our Sales Manager and President, John Esh, addresses a common question: How long will it take to complete my roof replacement?



A question we get asked quite a bit is, how long will it take to complete my roof project?

Roof Replacement

There are a couple of factors that go into that. One is the complexity of the roof; is it just a really simple, straightforward roof or it is a more detailed project with smaller roof faces, dormers, etc. It can depend on that as to how long it will take, but we usually aim for one to two days to complete a roof project.

Sometimes, our work is dependent on the weather. We might start a project, but then have to pull off for an afternoon or even a full day if there is rain predicted or if it is raining.

Our goal in those situations is if we’ve already started a project, first and foremost, we’re going to make sure that no matter at what stage the roof job is, it’s going to be leak free. Even if it’s not completed, you don’t have to worry about leaks!


Roof repair

If someone would contact us and they just want to get a repair, they just want to stop a leak for example and aren’t looking for a replacement, that’s something we try to address quickly – usually within a day or a couple of days. We get out there and our intention in going is to stop the leak on the first visit.

Our repair specialist will come out with the supplies and tools necessary to actually stop most leaks. One thing they usually ask for is access into the attic! That’s important for us because the closer we can get to the roof and the roof surface to see where the leak is actually penetrating the roof, the better off we’ll be at finding out what the trouble is up top.

Sometimes, water can travel quite a distance before it actually drips down. So, if we can see that in the attic, that’s very helpful.

Usually the time it takes to do something like that is a couple hours. It might be a half an hour if it’s something pretty obvious and straightforward; it might be two, three, four hours, half a day if it’s a little more complex. Rarely will just a leak stop service visit take more than half a day.

How long does it take to complete the roof project? Really a matter of how complex it is, what the weather is like, but most times, it’s within one to two days.


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