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Joyland Roofing | December 20, 2016  | By: Joyland Roofing

From Missions in Montana to Building Relationships in Southeastern PA

We’ve been roofing houses and businesses in southeastern Pennsylvania since 1991, and of course a lot has changed since then. But the most important things haven’t. We think there’s a reason for that – caring about people and loving our work keep us going strong.

red brick chimney on gray roof

For 25 years, we’ve helped homeowners in PA find their perfect roof.

Emanuel Esh moved back to his home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania from mission work in Montana, where he lived on Joyland Road. He liked the name, and he liked working with people. He also knew he wanted to work outside. So Emmanuel combined his passions for people and working hard outside into a roofing company, and he gave it the name Joyland.

The name made sense for a company founded by Emmanuel. To this day, when people talk about working with Emmanuel, they smile. They remember the early days when roofing turned into conversations and conversations turned into lifelong friendships. Everybody loved Emmanuel, and they loved the work he did. His commitment to quality and efficiency caused Joyland to grow quickly. Emmanuel believed in excellence and in kindness.


Joyland Roofing: A Family Company

Joyland was a company of family and friends from the beginning. Emmanuel’s sons John and Steve started as teenagers, working on the cleanup crew, where they learned to care for customers’ properties as though they were their own. They worked their way up, becoming expert roofers themselves, and eventually they became foremen, leading their own crews.

Today, they own Joyland Roofing, managing the company with their father’s values and the painstaking carefulness they learned as teenagers, hauling wheelbarrow loads of debris out of yards and cleaning bushes and gardens on their hands and knees.

4 white Joyland Roofing trucks on road

Our team of roofing contractors are certified and trained for every roofing project.


A Commitment to Roofing and Relationships

Joyland is still committed to the best roofing and the best relationships. It’s in our DNA.

We live those values out by giving 100% of our effort to our work, our communication, and our care for customers and employees alike. Our crews are highly trained in industry practices and are protected by our commitment to safety. We work to make Joyland a rewarding place for crew members, which means our crews are filled with motivated, caring roofers.

3 men in blue shirts on roof with rope and building materials

We are committed to safety of our crew on every project.

Every job and every customer are important to us, because of these core values. We do the right thing, even when it hurts. We want to exceed what you expect. We want you to tell your friends.

We know that life is full of worries, and we want to make sure your roof is one thing you don’t have to worry about.


A Commitment to Our Core Values

Excellence and kindness. Hard work and relationships. Good roofs and good people. These are the things we believe in.

The core values of Joyland Roofing is the reason we all come into work every day since 1991. We’ve grown, we have new tools, we’ve learned a lot, but these values have stayed the same…

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Focusing on the details since 1991.

Now that you know a little bit about us, we’d love to get to know you. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter so we can stay in touch.

We look forward to meeting you!

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