What Should I Do If I’m Missing Shingles From My Roof?

Residential | January 21, 2022  | By: John Esh

After a day of high winds, you may have noticed a shingle or two lying in your yard. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace your roof, you do need to repair it as soon as you can.

shingles missing on dormer with the caption "missing shingles? here's why and what you need to do"

Why do shingles blow off the roof?

Most shingles can withstand some pretty strong winds, often surpassing 100 MPH. That being the case, shingles should only blow off in major storms, right?

Unfortunately, no. Shingles age. Materials fail. Workmanship faults. Healthy, correctly installed shingles should not blow off under normal weather conditions.

I have a new roof, but shingles have blown off

If your roof is newer, but you’ve experienced shingles missing, it’s often caused by two things: Incorrect installation or inactive seal strips.

Inexperienced roofers might misplace the nails when securing the shingles. If the nails are not installed across the nail strip, it’s likely that the hold will fail and the shingle will blow up and blow off.

Seal strips won’t activate if the temperatures are too low and there is little to no sun exposure. In those conditions, it could take weeks before the adhesive strip is fully activated and sealed. Wind gusts could cause shingle misplacement.

In this case, the roofing contractor should reinstall the shingles. Have them confirm the cause of the problem was the adhesive strip and not misplaced nails. Misplaced nails are a concerning problem, because if one shingle was installed that way, chances are high that other shingles have the same problem.

My roof is aged with shingles blown off

Asphalt shingle roofs last between 15-30 years. As roofs age, they start to show signs that the roof is ready to be replaced. One of the signs is that shingles are damaged or missing!

This happens because the seal strip that holds the shingles together wears out over time. This causes the shingles to flap in windy conditions. Once they start to flap in the wind, the shingle develops a crease and eventually breaks off.

A shingle blow-off puts the integrity of your roof system at risk. Water can now penetrate into the roof deck and into whatever space is below, such as the attic and your ceiling.

To ensure protection of your home or business, replace your roof when aging signs start showing.

missing 3 tab shingle from residential roof

Can I just repair the missing shingle?

Possibly. This repair can always be performed, at least as a short term fix. To determine if just repairing the missing shingle is the best course of action, consider the following:

  • Age of the roof – If your shingled roof is over 15 years old, consider a full roof replacement. Should you opt to not replace the roof, you’ll likely continue to see more missing shingles. If the seal of one or more of your shingles has failed, it’s a matter of time before others follow. This can lead to multiple expensive repairs not only to the roof itself, but also necessary repairs inside such as drywall, painting, and so forth. Many of our customers find that it is a better use of money to invest in a full roof replacement with a lifetime warranty. Since the roof is aging and will need to be replaced soon anyway, it makes good sense to use your resources towards that new, lifetime roof.
  • Number of missing shingles – If you have just one missing shingle, it’s possible that it was the outcome of faulty manufacturing or installation. A roofer could inspect your roof to diagnose the reason the shingle detached.

What if I need to replace my roof?

If your roof is older and you have multiple shingles missing, it’s likely time to install a new roof. Do your research to find a trusted roofing companies in your local area and gather estimates. Roofs are an objectively expensive house project, so if you weren’t prepared to purchase a new roof this year, there are financing options available.

Should my insurance get involved if my shingle blows off?

If your shingles are misplaced after a storm, there is a chance that your insurance may cover the cost to repair. Homeowners insurance typically covers wind damage, but this damage has to be confirmed by either an expert roofing company or an inspector from your insurance company. Contact your insurance adjuster to determine if this is worth filing a claim for.

Should I install shingles again or use another material?

Shingles are the most popular residential roofing material. However, if you’re looking to avoid shingle blow off in the future, consider installing a metal roof. They require less maintenance and last longer than shingles, but they come with a higher price tag.


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