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Know Someone Who’s Looking for a Roofer?

refer a friend program

Get $200 in Gift Cards!

Refer a friend to us and you’ll get $200 in gift cards* to Amazon, Michaels Stores, or Home Depot. Your friend will get 2% off their re-roofing project* too!

Gift Card Options

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*Offers valid for complete re-roofing projects only.

How It Works

  1. Complete the form below
  2. We?ll contact your referral
  3. If your referral has us install their new roof**, we will contact you to arrange your gift card reward!

Join Our Refer a Friend Program

After you complete the form, we’ll send you a referral email that contains details about the offer that you can forward to your friend.

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**We will contact you when your referral’s project is completed and paid in full.