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Solar Roof Installation

Joyland Roofing is proud to introduce the GAF DecoTech system, an industry-leading solution for solar roofs. Integrated into your home?s roofing system and installed by professional roofers, DecoTech solar panels look great on your home and can reduce or even eliminate your electric bill. Consider investing in your home with a solar roof from Joyland.

Solar in Pennsylvania

In PA, the movement towards solar has increased over the past few years. Thanks to a 30% federal solar tax credit and solar renewable energy credits (SRECs), the cost of adding solar to your home has never been more affordable. Plus, investing in a solar roof will drastically cut your energy costs, saving you thousands each year for the life of your roof.

Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, eliminate energy costs, or get a solid ROI by investing in your home, now is the best time to switch to solar.


There are several incentive programs available for homeowners in Pennsylvania:


To meet Pennsylvania?s goal of 18% renewable energy generation by 2020, utility companies are purchasing Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) from residential solar owners. One SREC is equal to 1 MWh of electricity production. Selling your SRECs are a great way to offset the costs of your solar roof and even generate some passive income every year.

Net Metering

Adding a solar roof to your home does not mean cutting your connection to the utility company. However, thanks to net metering, you may not have to pay them. Net metering allows you to balance the electricity you use from the electric company (like at night or during a cloudy day) with the extra electricity you produce but don?t use (like during the day). At the end of the year, if your system generates more electricity than you use in a year, you don?t have a bill. Most homeowners with a solar roof can effectively eliminate their utility bill through net metering.

Federal Tax Incentives

All Pennsylvania residential solar roofs qualify for a Renewable Energy Tax Credit, which is a rebate equal to 30% of installation costs. This credit is good for installations occurring before the end of 2019; after that, the credit drops to 26%.

DecoTech Roof-Integrated Solar System

While most rooftop solar arrays are mounted on top of your roof, the GAF DecoTech system is integrated into your roof, creating a watertight, seamless seal. This system allows for greater protection against leaks, moisture, and animal infestation in a sleek, designer appearance that will look great on your roof.

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Sleek Designer Look

featuring a low-profile design with Deco Black gloss finish

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Integrated Technology

with no exposed wires or unsightly equipment.

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Protected Perimeter

relying on counterflashing and step flashing to protect your roof against leaks, moisture, and pests.

Difference between Roof Mounted and Roof Integrated Solar Panels

Roof-mounted solar panels are a popular way to add solar to your home, but it comes with certain costs. First, the roof mounting system goes on top of your existing roof, which does void your roof’s warranty. Second, the mountings keep the panels elevated from your roof, allowing moisture, dirt, and pests to hide underneath, which can cause long-term damage to your roof. Third, traditional solar panels must be removed when you install a new roof, which can add considerable costs and delays to the project.

roof-integrated solar panels up close and on a home

With DecoTech’s integrated roofing system, all these problems are solved. Your solar panels are designed to work with your new roofing system, preventing the sources of leaks and moisture damage. Both the roof and solar array are covered by GAF’s Golden Promise warranty, protecting you throughout the life of the product. And your system is installed by certified professional roofers, so you can have the peace of mind you won’t find from other installers.

What Makes an Ideal Roof for Solar?

  • A roof facing the south.
  • A roof mostly free of obstructions (dormers, skylights, vent pipes).
  • A roof clear of trees and shadows.
close up of roof-mounted solar panels and roof-mounted solar panels on a house

Our Process for Installing a Solar Roof


Preliminary Roof Inspection

A Joyland roof consultant will visit your home and physically inspect your roof. We’ll also perform an energy audit, going over your existing electric bills and energy use. Finally, we will discuss materials, colors & options, and provide you with a quote for a roof with an integrated solar array.


Site Survey

Once you have reviewed and approved the quote, we will schedule a site survey to confirm all measurements, inspect your current electrical system, and verify that the roof is structurally sound and ready for solar.

We will also take care of all necessary permitting, communication with your electricity provider, and engineering approvals.


Scheduling & Installation

Removing the old roof and installing your new roof and integrated solar panels can take one to several days, depending on the size of your home. Adding the solar panels only adds a few hours to the project, and not the days a traditional solar installation project takes.


Warranty & Follow-up

We will file all necessary warranty paperwork for you once payment is complete. We will have real-time system monitoring capability to ensure that the system performs as expected. We will also be on-call for any questions you might have, or for any unexpected issues. If anything is unsatisfactory, we will fix it free of charge.

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GAF Solar Elite Contractor

Joyland Roofing is one of the few contractors in the nation to be named a GAF Solar Elite Contractor. This designation recognizes our training as a solar contractor, as well as being a certified Master Elite Roofing Contractor. With this designation, we provide exceptional service and communication throughout the project, as well as GAF’s best-in-class warranty that covers both your roof and your solar system for 25 years.