Three Misconceptions About Roofing in the Winter

Residential | December 4, 2017  | By: Joyland Roofing

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If you live in Florida or Alaska, choosing when to reroof your home is easy. In Florida the whole year is perfect, and in Alaska, it’s not complicated either – you just don’t roof for about half the year.

But we work in southern Pennsylvania, where it’s a little more tricky. Can you reroof in the winter without risking damage to your home? Do roofers even work in the winter?

We get these questions a lot. Here’s a guide to some of the misconceptions about roofing in the winter.



#1 – Roofing in the winter risks leaks and damage

When we reroof your home, any section of the roof that is torn off will be watertight the same day. Just like rainstorms in the summer (which are actually a bigger risk than snowfall), snow is no match for modern roofing technology and attention to detail.

You can rest easy knowing your home is protected no matter what season it is.



#2 – Shingles don’t adhere and seal in the winter

When shingles are installed, the natural heat of the sun softens them, and the tar-strip underneath each shingle adheres it to the next shingle, forming a barrier so that water can’t work its way underneath the shingles. This concern is a real one, because shingles sealing is crucial.

However, it doesn’t take much to make tar sticky. If you’ve ever put a shingle somewhere you didn’t want it, you can testify to this. The amount of sunshine a roof gets in the winter is enough to burn the frost of the roof and adhere shingles thoroughly.

In our 27 years roofing homes in southeastern Pennsylvania, we’ve never seen a roof leak because of installing shingles in cold weather.



#3 – Roofing in the winter is dangerous

Roofing is always dangerous. When you add frost, ice, and melting snow to the mix, it’s definitely something to take seriously. This is a common concern and one that we share.

Fortunately, we take safety seriously all twelve months of the year. Our installers are always tied-off with an OSHA-compliant fall-protection system that keeps us safe in all conditions.



We’re ready to serve you – all year long

No matter what time of year you reroof your home, our work is backed by the same industry-leading guarantees and warranties.

As always, a reroofing estimate is completely free! Contact us today to learn more about how to protect your home this winter!

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