Why Video Roof Inspections?

Joyland Roofing | February 25, 2020  | By: Joyland Roofing

Changing the Game

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Residential roofing estimates have generally worked the same way for a long time. You call a company, they send a salesman out to tell you how much it’ll cost for a new roof. If you’ve found a good company, the salesman gets on the roof and does a thorough inspection, then carefully explains to you why they’re recommending the products and solutions they are. Some might even show you pictures of what’s wrong up on your roof. It’s a good system if you’ve found a good company, and until this year, it’s how we operated.

But we’re changing all that. We’re offering all our customers a free video inspection of their roof as the first step in their Joyland process. Our inspectors, equipped with portable cameras, will physically inspect your roof and create a video showing the condition of every part of it. This video will be yours to use whether you proceed with the work or not.


Why the Change?

We believe it’s our responsibility to constantly push ourselves, to continually look for ways to serve our customers better. The old way of quoting roofs has served well, but with new camera technology becoming standard, we believe there’s no reason for customers to be in the dark about what’s happening on their roofs – they should be able to see it with their own eyes, explained by a professional roof inspector, and should be able to rest assured that every repair or replacement we recommend is justified.

We live in an age of research, where everyone can become an expert through online tools. We embrace this change – we love it when our customers take an active interest in the materials and techniques we use. We think this is an important step in helping our customers understand their own roofs.

Roofers will be using video technology more and more, for inspecting and estimating, and we’re excited to be leaders in that movement.

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