Residential Masonry

Residential Masonry

Worker laying red bricks with mortar

Restore The Crumbling Brickwork Of Your
Harrisburg Home With Residential
Masonry Repair Services

Don’t Let A Damaged Or Worn
Brickwork Ruin Your Home

Whether your chimney crown is crumbling or the custom brickwork that had once been the pride of your home years before is breaking down, Joyland Roofing has the best residential masonry services in Harrisburg, PA.

Joyland Roofing’s residential masonry services include chimney repairs, chimney caps, and brickwork restoration. Common masonry problems that plague homeowners are:

  • Water leaking
  • Missing or loose bricks
  • Cracked or missing mortar
  • Animals in the chimney flue
  • Broken, crumbling chimney crown

Don’t let a crumbling chimney or damaged
brickwork ruin the otherwise beautiful appearance of your Dauphin County home. Let the experts at Joyland Roofing make your masonry as good as new!

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Superior Restoration And Repair Of Residential
Masonry In Harrisburg, PA

Construction worker repairing yellow brick chimney on roof under blue sky

From Chimney Repair To Brickwork, We Do It All

Dauphin County is a charming gem within south-central Pennsylvania, thanks in no small part to the gorgeous red brick houses that line the streets of Harrisburg, PA.

Thanks to the expert residential masonry services at Joyland Roofing, these sophisticated homes look as beautiful as the day they were built.

We offer custom solutions to all your residential masonry needs, such as chimney repair, chimney caps, and masonry restoration. This includes everything from replacing your cracked, broken chimney crown to restoring your crumbling brick walkway.

Chimney Repair

As idyllic as the residential chimneys are against the skyline, the brick, mortar, and chimney flashing wear down over time and must be replaced.

At Joyland Roofing, our quick and efficient chimney repair will restore your home’s sophisticated charm.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are vital to keeping squirrels, birds, and other native woodland creatures from making their home inside your chimney. Over time, your chimney cap can break down, making your chimney – and therefore your home’s interior – vulnerable to animals and weather.

We can expertly restore your chimney cap to protect your home with our chimney repair masonry services.

Masonry Restoration

Mortar and brick crumble over time, making your once lovely home an eyesore, but can also make your home susceptible to pests and weather damage. A crumbling brick walkway can become a huge hazard to guests and your household members.

Our masonry experts restore your brickwork quickly, effectively, and in many colors and styles of brick.

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Red brick wall with crumbling mortar and large crack

For The Best Residential Masonry In Harrisburg, PA
Choose Joyland Roofing – We Have You Covered

Your One-Stop Shop For All Your
Home’s Masonry Needs

We Offer A Zero-Risk Contract To Dauphin County Homeowners

Unlike other home renovation companies, Joyland Roofing doesn’t require a deposit before work begins. That’s why you don’t pay a penny until the final walkthrough, and you’re fully satisfied with our work.

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We’ve Removed The Headache From Residential Masonry

At Joyland Roofing, we fully understand the headache behind finding and scheduling home renovation work. How do you fit vetting multiple contractors into your busy life?

We understand your time is valuable, so we’ve streamlined the process and made it so we can give you an estimate in as little as a 10-minute phone call. We’ll then schedule a more thorough inspection and give you a personalized quote – not a penny of which you’ll pay until work is complete!

We Stand Behind Our Warranties

We use only the best residential masonry products and pride ourselves on our outstanding craftsmanship.

But we don’t expect you to take our word for it – that’s why we back our masonry services with our 10-year workmanship warranty.

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Reviews: See What Harrisburg, PA Homeowners
Have To Say About Our Work

Highly Recommended!

“Joyland Roofing did an excellent job on our chimney restoration and gutter work. Very professional, timely, and finished on time. I highly recommend them.”
Gary K.

“I contacted Joyland Roofing based on reviews from other customers and based on watching their work on houses in my neighborhood. Joyland Roofing repaired some shingles and performed an inspection of the overall roof. I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the crew’s work and their explanations and responses to my questions. Based on this experience, I will be looking to Joyland Roofing for any future needs (roof repairs and potentially roof replacement when that time comes, also chimney repairs).”
Thomas J.

“Joyland Roofing replaced the step and counter flashing around my chimney with a new ice and water shield. They did an excellent job, as always. We’ve had Joyland Roofing do work on our roof in the past – with the same great service. Very dependable. Great customer service as well. I highly recommend Joyland Roofing.”
Ame-Jac F.

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FAQs: 5 Common Questions Harrisburg, PA Homeowners
Have About Our Residential Masonry Services

Q: What Is A Chimney Cap?

A: Chimney caps are usually made of metal and come in many colors and styles to suit your house’s unique character. They are fitted over the chimney’s flue to prevent rain and animals from entering your home’s interior.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Repairing My Brick Masonry?

A: Loose brickwork and missing mortar poses risks to you and your home. Our masonry services restore the look, functionality and structural integrity of your chimney.

Q: What Happens If I Don’t Repair My Chimney’s Masonry?

A: Allowing your chimney’s masonry to deteriorate can have disastrous consequences for your home.

Not only does a crumbling chimney look bad, but it makes your home vulnerable to weather damage and animals entering your chimney’s flue. Chunks of brick and mortar can block your chimney and keep it from working effectively, becoming a major health and fire hazard.

Q: What Common Masonry Problems
Can Joyland Roofing Help With?

A: Joyland Roofing’s residential masonry services for your home can help with the following:

  • Birds or animals in the chimney flue
  • Crumbling or missing bricks
  • Cracked or missing mortar
  • Broken chimney crown
  • Crumbling chimney
  • Water leaks
Q: Does Joyland Roofing Charge For Estimates?

A: No. With Joyland Roofing, initial estimates are always free for residential services.

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