Residential Masonry

Residential Masonry

Professional Residential Masonry Repair
On Your Lancaster County, PA Home

Expert Service And Repair For
A Vital Home Safety Feature

Your chimney is an important part of your home’s ventilation system. A broken chimney doesn’t look good and cause issues with emissions leaving your home, making residential chimney repair on your Lancaster County home necessary.

At Joyland Roofing, we excel at residential masonry repairs. Whether your bricks are deteriorating or another part of your chimney has a problem, we want to help get your chimney working properly again.

Why? We believe our customers deserve the best in masonry repairs and service. To ensure the best service, we strive to provide outstanding and clear communication.

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Your Fireplace, Furnace And Stove’s Air Flow
Needs Help From A Chimney Expert

Residential Masonry Repair

While chimneys can be an eye-catching part of the classic look of a home, they are also a rather important way for combustion gasses from your fireplace, chimney, or stove to escape your home.

Time and bad weather can cause eventual wear and tear to your chimney. The mortar that holds the bricks together can become loose and ineffective. Bricks can also crack from the pressure of moisture entering, freezing, and thawing year after year.

When mortar wears and bricks crack, they’ll become a bit ugly, potentially falling into your chimney and causing blockages. Debris in your chimney is terrible news for the ventilation in your home.

Joyland Roofing would love to fix your chimney or brick wall. We have been in the business of repairing roof equipment and masonry like the chimney for over 30 years. Our goal is to serve customers how we would like to be treated – with clear communication and expectations, and, of course, superior workmanship.

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Masonry Repair Near Lancaster County, PA Requires
Expertise From A Professional Roofing Contractor

Trust Our Communication And Craftsmanship
With Your Chimney Restoration

Great Communication

Confidence that your masonry repair will happen as expected comes from crystal clear communication. Joyland Roofing communicates clearly through every step of the process.

This starts with letting you know when we are going to arrive for your initial appointment, and writing an estimate that is understandable by you, the homeowner. Finally, we’ll let you know when work will start. You’ll also use communications to clearly mark our progress on your masonry repair project.

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Honest Values

Joyland Roofing will only provide the repair services you need for a proper, working chimney. We’ll climb on your roof and honestly evaluate what you need to make your chimney look good again.

Pushing excessive services is not something we do. Between honest values and our clear communication methods, you’ll find that our pricing is fair simply because we only fix what needs fixing – and we do it well. Our mission is to provide a level of value you’ll want to tell your friends, family, and the Internet about.

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Dedicated To Safety

Safety is important when completing brick masonry repair. That’s why Joyland Roofing trains our contractors extensively, then we hold regular safety meetings to reinforce our policies in an effort to make safety completely routine

We also recognize that your safety is very important, too. We don’t want your family to step on a sharp object or pop a tire because of anything we left behind. That’s why we thoroughly scan your entire property with a magnet and our eyes to pick up anything that could cause harm.

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Community Efforts

Our community in Lancaster County is important to us at Joyland Roofing. We live and work here! While we serve many charities and organizations with our time and support, we like to mention a few, including i58 Global, which supports logistics for refugee camps.

Additional organizations we work with include Light of Christ Ministries and CCM Global, which serve evangelical missions.

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Joyland Earns Terrific Reviews From Lancaster County

Read Reviews From Our Customers

”I was very happy with the results of the repair. The young man was knowledgeable, polite, and personable. He took the time to explain to me what they were doing and how it fixed the problem. Each time I spoke to someone at the office, they were very professional and handled things very efficiently. I recommend this company to anyone needing roof work.”
– Jolene

“Zack with Joyland Roofing was wonderful: very friendly and professional. He explained everything he did in understandable detail and was very conscientious. Very pleasant experience!”
– Bridgette

“The person doing the work was the same person who represented the company. He was terrific, from getting me the quote, to getting my feedback and doing the work. Great experience.”
– Lillia

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Frequently Asked Questions From Our
Lancaster County, PA Homeowners

Q: Do You Repair Or Replace Masonry Chimneys?

A: We can do either one! You have options when it comes to repairing issues with your chimney. We start by inspecting your chimney to see what needs to be done. We’ll make recommendations from there based on what offers the best value and fixes your issue.

Q: How Do You Keep Rodents And Birds Out Of Chimneys?

A: Joyland Roofing always recommends installing a chimney cap. A chimney cap prevents debris and small animals from entering your chimney and building nests during the heating off-season. These can easily block your chimney in addition to causing dangerous chimney fires.

You might also like to know that a chimney cap serves more than one purpose. The chimney cap prevents sparks and hot debris from reaching your rooftop where they could start a fire. Finally, the chimney cap prevents rain and snowfall from entering your chimney and home.

Q: Do You Offer Free Estimates?

A: Yes! Joyland Roofing offers free estimates. We pride ourselves on being great communicators, so you can count on receiving a free estimate that says exactly what we plan to do in detail with clear pricing.

We also don’t mind if you look at other quotes, too. You’ll find that we are an outstanding value.

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