Residential Siding

Residential Siding

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Give Your House A Whole New Look With Lancaster County, PA’s Best Residential Siding Repair And Installation

Replace Your Old Siding With The Highest Quality Options

Is your old siding giving your beloved Lancaster County home a tired, worn-out look, and you’re ready to give your home a much-needed facelift? Or maybe you’re looking to put your house on the market, and you want to attract prospective buyers to your property. For the best siding in Lancaster County, Joyland Roofing has your back.

No matter your situation, new residential siding will surely give your home the makeover it deserves and boost your curb appeal and property value.

Joyland Roofing is here for you whether you want vinyl, fiber cement, or natural wood siding that really gives your home that rustic Pennsylvania feel. We offer only the best and highest quality products, so you can rest assured your home is getting the best.

We Offer Superior Siding Repair And Installation To Lancaster County Homeowners

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Whether It’s Wood, Vinyl, Or Fiber Cement, Joyland Roofing Has You Covered!

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For high-quality siding materials that increase curb appeal and property value and make your home more energy efficient and secure against the elements, Joyland Roofing has the perfect siding material for your Lancaster County, PA home.

We install only the best quality materials on the market, whether our attractive and versatile vinyl siding, our durable and low-maintenance fiber cement siding, or our natural, rustic wood siding.

Let’s take a closer look at the siding options Joyland Roofing offers.

Wood Siding

Few siding materials have as rugged a feel as wood. This siding material honors the enduring spirit of the early Americans who first settled in Pennsylvania and whose descendants still thrive here today.

Our wood siding has various stains and colors to suit your home’s unique character. We offer styles such as shingles, clapboard, and board-and-batten.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is by far the most cost-effective siding option available. Aside from its low cost, it’s also low-maintenance and comes in a wide range of colors and styles. It’s easy to clean, resistant to pests, and durable.

Vinyl siding is also energy efficient, making it the ideal choice for budget-conscious Lancaster County homeowners who wish to keep their energy bills low.

Fiber Cement Siding

With unbeatable durability and resistance to pests, fire, and weather, fiber cement is a composite siding material made from a combination of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers.

Fiber cement siding is energy efficient, low-maintenance, and will last decades without showing signs of wear. Like our other siding materials, it comes in a range of colors and styles.

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Joyland Roofing: An Unbeatable Reputation For High Quality And Customer Service

Lancaster County’s Most Trusted In Home Renovations For More Than 30 Years

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We Put Safety First

OSHA protocols exist for a reason. Unfortunately, too many competitors are unwilling to put in the time and effort required to comply with all OSHA guidelines. This often results in disastrous consequences for both the company and the customers.

Here at Joyland Roofing, safety – yours and ours – is our highest priority. We adhere to ALL OSHA guidelines by:

  • Following a detailed end-of-job checklist that includes a thorough clean-up of each job site
  • Holding weekly safety meetings with our staff and crew
  • Using only the latest approved safety equipment
  • Training our roofers in proper protocol
  • Learn more about how we put safety first

    We’ll Never Charge You Hidden Fees

    At Joyland Roofing, the quote we charge is what you’ll pay – and not a penny more! Unlike our competitors, who try to sneak in upcharges and hidden service fees onto your final bill, our word is our bond here at Joyland Roofing.

    Sometimes, extra fees are required when unforeseen damage arises during a siding installation. Still, we’ll always keep you in the loop and communicate with you whenever we spot anything that could cost you extra. We present you with the best options and ensure you are satisfied before you pay.

    Learn more about the differences between quotes and estimates

    We’re A GAF Master Elite Certified Company

    Being a GAF Master Elite Certified company is a distinction that less than 2% of roofing companies achieve, and here at Joyland Roofing, we carry this honor with pride. We continually go above and beyond with exceptional workmanship and outstanding customer service.

    Learn more about what it means to be a GAF Master Elite company

    Reviews: See What Other Lancaster County Homeowners Are Saying About Joyland Roofing!

    A Great Experience!

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    “Great experience from the first time they came out for an estimate. They take the time to answer your questions and are not pushy. They work with your timeline, and the crew was amazing in their completion of the project as well as the cleanup. We have a lot of landscaping, and nothing was damaged. Kevin was very respectful of any concerns along the way, leaving us feeling we were in good hands. Their whole process is pretty amazing to watch. Joyland Roofing is a truly professional, honest company with good quality work, which is definitely hard to come by these days. I will always recommend them.”
    Macey W.

    “I have used Joyland for all my roofing needs over the years. The two guys who showed up were very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. They inspected the problem, returned with pictures, and explained exactly what needed to be done. They gave me an estimate on the spot and had the work done in 2 hours. Very pleased.”
    Ed W

    “I was very happy with the results of the repair. The young man was knowledgeable, polite, and personable. He took the time to explain to me what they were doing and how it fixed the problem. Each time I spoke to someone at the office, they were very professional and efficiently handled things. I would recommend this company to anyone needing exterior work.”
    Jolene C.

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    FAQs: 5 Common Questions Lancaster Homeowners Have About Joyland Roofing’s Siding Services

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    Q: What Siding Materials Does Joyland Roofing Install?

    A: Here at Joyland Roofing, we repair and install three major siding materials: vinyl, fiber cement, and wood.

    Q: What Exactly Is Fiber Cement Siding?[

    A: Fiber cement siding is a blend of cement, cellulose fibers (like the kind found in wood pulp), and sand. This makes it the most durable siding material on the market, resistant to rot, pests, and even fire.

    Fiber cement lasts longer than most siding materials and is incredibly low-maintenance. It comes in a wide range of styles and colors and can be made to look like wood or stone without the cost and maintenance of the materials it mimics.

    Q: How Do I Know When It’s Time To Replace The Siding On My Lancaster County Home?

    A: A few of the most common signs that it’s time to replace your siding are:

  • Presence of mold, fungus, or mildew
  • Damaged or deteriorating siding
  • Frequent maintenance
  • Fading or peeling pain
  • High energy bills
  • Q: How Much Does Siding Installation Cost?

    A: When it comes to siding, the cost depends on a number of factors such as the size of your home (as this helps us determine how much siding material is needed) and the siding material itself.
    Remember that other factors affect the overall cost of your siding installation, such as labor costs, project specifications, and quality of materials. For a personalized quote that matches your home’s specifications, call Joyland Roofing today at 717-459-3499.

    Q: What Are The Benefits Of Vinyl Siding?

    A: Vinyl siding, despite its shaky beginnings as a somewhat flimsy siding material, is now a durable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective siding material. The vinyl siding we use is the best on the market, made of thick PVC and resistant to pests and the harsh winters of Lancaster County, PA. Vinyl siding is energy efficient and will help keep your power bills low.

        Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor License (HIC) # PA124258