What’s Our Roofing ‘Promise’ Mean For Lancaster Homeowners?

Joyland Roofing | November 19, 2023  | By: John Esh

An image showing the word “promise” in the dictionary, highlighted by a highlighter, used in this blog to symbolize Joyland Roofing's promise to Lancaster, PA homeowners regarding their roofing replacement and repairs needs.

What Exactly Does Joyland Roofing’s “Promise”
Mean For Lancaster, PA Homeowners?

First: You Won’t Pay A PENNY Until The Job’s Done…
But That’s Really Just The Beginning. Learn More!

If you’ve never worked with us before or heard of Joyland Roofing around the Lancaster area, then here’s our PROMISE to every homeowner we meet.

“We aren’t collecting a dime until you’re 100% satisfied with every aspect of our roofing services: initial consultation, new roofing installation, final-polish workmanship, and clean-up. Period.”

Also included in that promise are these important parts of the roofing process:

  • You’ll get your free estimate quickly after we’ve been in face-to-face contact and actually gotten on your roof for an inspection. We do our due diligence and check existing conditions so avoid any surprises mid-project.
  • You’ll get a zero-risk contract with completely transparent pricing.
  • You’ll be fully in the loop to remove stress. You’ll know what’s coming next and what to expect at every step in the process.
  • You’ll get up to a 25-year warranty on workmanship and lifetime on materials.

And we could keep going…

Guaranteed price locks. Our seasoned ‘every shingle matters’ approach. With Joyland, your ‘salesperson’ will be an experienced roofer AND your project manager. They’re with you from start to finish.

THIS is why we have hundreds upon hundreds of 5-star reviews. And the best part is, you KNOW our promise is rock-solid because we’ve been collecting feedback and building our family company’s Lancaster reputation for over three decades.

Now, all that being said, let’s have our customers do some of the talking. After all, any company can make promises on a website or in marketing material. The rubber really meets the road when you start looking at testimonials.

What are Lancaster homeowners saying about us, as well as our promises and performance?

Here are five relatively recent examples. All we did was lightly copy-edit them, remove specific people’s names, and shorten them a little (most people love writing longer 5-star reviews).

“Great experience from the initial visit. They took the time to answer questions and weren’t pushy. They worked with our timeline, and the roof crew was amazing in their completion of our project, clean up, and the respect they gave our property. We have lots of landscaping, and nothing was damaged. Very respectful of any concerns along the way too, leaving us feeling we were in good hands. Their whole process is amazing to watch. Real professional, honest company with quality work, which is hard to find.”

“Very happy with our selection to use Joyland Roofing to install our new roof. From start to finish, all aspects of the process were very professional. They communicated very well, and if we had any questions, they quickly addressed them. Highly recommend this company to install your next roof and seamless gutters.”

“Look no further for your roofing needs than Joyland! They’re the best out there. We received quotes from several contractors. Joyland provided great communication and quality craftsmanship for our roof and skylight replacement. We were impressed with the inspection, which included pictures and video. The estimate was clearly communicated with no surprises. They were responsive to any questions before & during the project. The team did a wonderful job ensuring an excellent clean-up!”

“Doing multiple household projects can be stressful, but my experience with Joyland Roofing was the best I’ve ever had with a company. They kept me updated on my project, which I greatly appreciated. They were courteous, informative, and trustworthy. They informed me of the extra needs along the way. I was very comfortable working with them. The quality of work was outstanding, and the amount of effort put into cleaning up was unbelievable.”

“I was very happy from the beginning with the gentleman from Joyland who came to inspect my roof and give me a quote. They weren’t pushy at all. The workers did a great job removing our old shingles & placing the new ones. Clean-up was well taken care of. Our gutters were bad. New ones were added to complete the job. Thank you!”

Our gutters were bad. New ones were added to complete the job. Thank you!”
Truth be told, most folks don’t mention the fact we don’t charge a penny until the work is done or that our pricing is transparent. The focus is on the promises we make about our service itself. With Joyland, you get treated properly and respectfully from beginning to end and beyond with our warranty coverage and Roof Repair Services.

The Bottom Line Is…
Joyland Means Residential Roofing Done Right

So, what does the Joyland Roofing promise mean for you? Peace of mind. A personable experience. A convenient roof replacement repair process. Talent professionals. And so much more. It means roofing DONE RIGHT. If you’re interested, your home’s in the Lancaster area, and you’d like to know more, simply call us at (717)459-3499 or use our website’s easy Contact Us form. We promise we’ll get back to you quickly! Thanks for your time today.

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