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joyland roofing roofer installing GAF asphalt shingles on a home with the quote "parts of a roof: shingles. what are they & what do you need to know when selecting your new shingles?"

Parts of a Roof: Shingles

When you think of the word “roofing,” you typically picture what you can see on top of a home or business – the shingles! While there are many elements to your roofing system, such as the roof decking, underlayment and drip edge, the most aesthetic and crucial item is your shingles. Shingles are the most […]

What is the underlayment & the drip edge? Tar paper vs synthetic, ice & water shield, drip edge

What is the Underlayment and Drip Edging?

  We’ve previously discussed what your home’s roof deck is and how its health impacts your home. It’s important that your roof deck is in good condition before installing the remainder of your new roofing materials on top. Apart from the shingles, underlayment and drip edge are the materials that protect your roof decking and […]

roofer carrying plywood to the top of the framing of the house with the caption "parts of a roof" the roof deck. what it is and why it is important"

Parts of a Roof: The Roof Deck

Understanding Your Roof If you’re reroofing your home, all the elements to learn about can be overwhelming. There’s not only the roofing materials like shingles and metal; there’s the underlayment, the decking under the underlayment, the flashing, and what on earth is fascia anyway? It doesn’t have to be so complicated. At Joyland Roofing, we […]