Roof Inspection for Storm Damaged Areas

Has Your Home’s Roof Been Damaged by Storms?

The recent storms that have passed through southeastern PA have done considerable damage to properties. If your home or business was one of the many buildings in Pennsylvania that were damaged in the storms this weekend, you’re probably wondering: what should I do to fix it?

See how a roof inspection can give you a clearer picture of the condition of your roof.

hail2Hail can cause significant damage to asphalt and metal roofs.

Types of Storm Damage for Roofs

Severe thunderstorms can wreak havoc on your home’s roof – no matter the current age or condition.

  • Strong storm winds can lift and dislodge shingles or other roofing materials. High winds can also damage large tree branches which can fall onto your roof.
  • Hail can weaken or puncture your roof, especially on metal details or on old, brittle shingles.
  • Tornadoes, which have appeared recently in Lancaster and Berks counties, can lift shingles and the entire roof structure from your home.

What Should I Do About Storm Damage to My Roof?

If your home has sustained structural damage by wind or a downed tree, please check with authorities on the structural soundness before you return to your home.

If your roof is actively leaking, make sure your possessions are safe, and then call a professional roofer to learn about fixing your roof.

If you are unsure about the damage to your home’s roof, you should still consider getting a roof inspection. Hail can cause significant damage to a roof but can be hard to detect with the untrained eye. An inspector knows the signs of damage and can give you examples on your house.

A hand showing damaged shingles

Does Insurance Cover Roof Storm Damage?

If you have insurance that covers storm damage to your roof, get in touch with your insurance company immediately. Be sure to read our Guide to Roofing Insurance Claims to see what steps you should follow.

Joyland Damage Inspection

We know that your home is important. Suffering storm damage is incredibly frustrating. Our inspectors and estimators are committed to thoroughly diagnosing the state of your roof, helping you interact with your insurance adjustor, and recommending the truly best repair plan for your roof.

To schedule a roof inspection, or to learn more about storm damage, call our office at 717-459-3499 or use our contact form.