How to Prepare Your Hershey Roof for Winter

DIY Roof Repairs | September 18, 2023  | By: joylandroofing

5 Tips To Prepare Your Hershey, PA Residential
Roofing For The Harsh Winter Weather

Don’t Let The Winter Weather Damage
Your Roof System: Take Action

Preparing your Hershey, PA, residential roofing for the winter season is a relatively simple process.

Your Dauphin County roof can stand up to a lot. But it’s important to make sure it’s ready to stand up to our cold winters by following
Joyland Roofing is here to help with a few simple roof maintenance tips homeowners can follow to ensure that their residential roofing is prepared for a Dauphin County winter.

1. Ensure Your Shingles Are Perfect With
Preventative Roof Maintenance

Assessing what repairs you may need can help plan the next steps to winterize your roof. If you don’t feel comfortable climbing up to your roof, let a trusted team of residential roof contractors help you out!

A residential roof company will make note of any roof materials that need repair and take all the necessary steps to maintain your roof.

Shingles help keep drafts, moisture, and pesky creatures out of your home. If you notice missing or cracked shingles on an asphalt shingle roof, you should plan to hire a residential roofer. They can make repairs in advance to fully prepare for the winter.

2. Maintain Your Roof By
Cleaning The Gutters

Making sure your gutters are clean and stable is essential to winterize your roof. The state of your gutters can be a sign of your roof’s overall quality. Smooth drainage from your gutters to the ground will help ensure your roof can withstand several inches of snow and rainfall all winter.

You may notice leaves, twigs, acorns, and other assorted debris inside. While these objects may seem harmless, they can prevent rain and melted snow from draining properly to the ground below. Too much water in the gutters can weigh down your roof and potentially cause damage to the shingles.

It’s important to remove all debris so that your roof is ready for any type of weather condition.

Take this time to assess your gutters and make sure they are ready for the winter season. If you notice signs of rust or paint damage, cracks, leaking, or mold growth, call a residential roofing company near you to address the issue.

3. Cut Back Long Branches To Protect
Your Residential Roofing

One of the leading causes of blocked gutters is overhanging trees that drop leaves, acorns, and twigs. Fallen branches can also weigh down or damage asphalt shingle roofs. This allows water and cold air to find their way into your home.

Cut back long branches as much as possible to avoid potential damage. Even the thinnest branches can block your gutters and impact your roof’s ability to fight off excess moisture.

It’s best to leave larger limbs to the professionals who regularly work with roofing and tree trimming. Professionals work with equipment that requires experience and training, including chainsaws and tactical rope.

Even when appropriately cut, large branches can still fall onto the roof and cause damage to the shingles and gutters. A professional can take the necessary steps to remove tree limbs hanging over your roof and cut them back.

4. Have A Professional Roofer Inspect
Your Hershey, PA Attic

Your roof protects you and your family from heavy snowfall, cold temperatures, and overhanging branches. Your attic is the second layer of safety.

It’s vital to inspect your attic before the temperatures drop to check for any air or water leaks that can cause internal damage to your home.

Take a few minutes to inspect your attic’s ventilation to ensure it’s ready to support your roof through the seasonal winter conditions. The insulation should help maintain a comfortable temperature balance. When you go up to the attic, walk around and see if you notice any temperature fluctuations in certain areas.

You should also take note of any exceedingly warm temperatures in the attic. Proper ventilation should balance the airflow, keeping heat and humidity out of the attic.

If you think your ventilation system might be broken or leaking, a roofing professional can help assess these issues and find the best possible solution to protect your roof in time for winter.

5. Catch Early Signs Of Damage With
A Detailed Roof Inspection

A professional inspection by a trusted residential roofer is the best way to ensure that your roof is ready for the chilly winter season.

Joyland Roofing has years of experience working with homes In Hershey, PA. We will ensure that your roof is ready for winter.

During the inspection, the residential roof contractors will inspect the different parts of your roof, including the chimney, if your home has one. If they notice significant damage that can cause moisture and cold air to infiltrate your house, they might suggest a residential roofing replacement.

If there is only one spot in your roof that might be causing roof leaks or cold drafts, you may only need to patch up the damaged area with a roof repair project to ensure your home is ready for the holidays.

Prepare Your Residential Roofing For Winter
With Our Professional Roofing Service

Get ready for the winter season with the help of Joyland Roofing. We can help protect your home from heavy snowfall and moisture during the upcoming chilly months.

We offer an initial estimate for your roofing repairs, followed by an in-person inspection. During your consultation, we take careful steps to assess your roof shingles, gutters, and any exterior damage that can cause leaking from rainstorms and other natural occurrences. Once our team of expert repair technicians finds the best course of action for your home, we’ll send you a final quote.

At Joyland Roofing, we prioritize fast solutions and honesty to best communicate your roof’s needs to you and your family. We’ll work to find you the residential roofing service that offers long-lasting results so that you can enjoy a cozy holiday season with your loved ones.

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